Hey there This and That beauties!

We just wanted to make your Monday a little better...

Every morning here at This and That HQ, we begin our day with an inspirational quote! We find this helps keep us motivated and focused for our days work, especially during these times of uncertainty (COVID-19).

This got us to thinking...and we asked you all a reflective question on our instagram story this week..."what is your favourite motivational quote?".

We were LOVING  your responses!

Here are our top 3 favourite answers: 


We absolutely LOVE these words of wisdom from you guys and that is why we ranked them number one on the favourites list.

This quote definitely aligns perfectly with our morning mantras. It is so important to begin your day with a clear and healthy mindset.

Whether you begin your mornings with a coffee and some self talk loving in front of the mirror (a personal favourite of mine), a bit of morning meditation *ommm.... or some early morning exercise to get those creative juices flowing for the day - we are ALL ABOUT IT! 


AMEN to that girl!

Beauty begins the moment you decide to be yourself! This is so important to us at This and That! We even have this quote: "Remember...True beauty comes from within" inscribed on the back of our thank you cards for each purchase you make with us!

When you live authentically to who you are, only good can come...And in the wise words of Dr Seuss "YOU HAVE TO BE ODD TO BE NUMBER ONE".


This is a very important one for us right now! It is something we are learning day to day during these times of uncertainty (COVID-19). 

With having both of our Manly and Byron Bay Boutiques doors temporarily closed we have been finding comfort in the process of slowing down.

It is so important to slow down and take things as they come. It can be so easy to overwhelm yourself with the every day tasks at hand.

BUT, if you just take a deep breath, you can find stillness in the moment...THEN prioritise accordingly! 

One step at a time.

These were only a few of the many AMAZING quotes that were sent through to us!

We hope these words of wisdom help to inspire you and get you through the week as much as they helped us!

Thank you for all your inspiration!


This and That


April 27, 2020 — lanie thomas