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Whether you prefer diving head first into a pool or walking into the open ocean, swimming has always been one of the best exercises for not only a full body workout, but… maybe not surprisingly, a workout for your mental health. It is proven to decrease anxiety, increase focus and provide clarity. So in a world where there are new workout trends every week, let's take a minute to step back to the basics and take a look at swimming. Is it the secret weapon you have been missing in your life?

Lets start off with the physical benefits, it you’re looking for a workout that pretty much targets every muscle in your body then here it is. Swimming works your arms, abs, shoulders, back muscles, glutes and legs as you kick and stroke your way through the workout. It allows you to reach maximum heart rate, keeping you in the cardiovascular calorie-burning mode while also being a very low impact workout. Research shows that being fully submerged in water increases blood flow and oxygen to the brain, thereby, increasing concentration and improved brain function.

But Im sure everyone already knows swimming is physically beneficial for our bodies, so let's look at the benefits of swimming that maybe you weren’t aware of. Like any exercise, swimming releases endorphins, you know… those magic feel-good, mood-booster hormones? But swimming can take these feel good benefits to the next level if you allow it.

When you are fully submerged underwater, you can hear nothing but your heartbeat, a slight swoosh of water next to your ears and the vague foggy noises of what’s going on outside. There’s something almost magical about the feeling of floating in absolute privacy underwater. This means, it is an immensely rewarding opportunity for you to practice mindfulness, transforming a routine lap session into a form of moving meditation. Allowing yourself to find meditation in a pool with zero distraction, absolute privacy and nothing to do but focus on your breath and the motion of your body, can create an immensely beneficial tool for self healing and confidence building.

“When life gets you down, you know what you gotta do? Just keep swimming.” - Dory, Finding Nemo

But not only this, the pool can be like a fountain of youth, and don’t we all want to look our best? Don’t get me wrong, there’s no magic live longer, look younger pill but you may be happy to know, regular swimming can have some effect on slowing the effects of ageing! How? Well, swimming reduces blood pressure, increases muscle mass and improves blood flow and oxygen to the brain, all being some of the most important factors in the way our body and skin ages. Just as important as your daily skincare routine! So stroke, stroke, breathe and soak up all that swimming has to offer you or pop down to Manly or Byron Bay say hi, and take a dip in the beautiful oceans we have surrounding our boutiques.



February 19, 2021 — Tahlia Lochhead